Result 3: Action plan for Eco-Pro’s

Action plan for Eco-Pro’s The findings of the Research Report and the Methodological Collection are compiled in a guidebook that will help and support professionals to integrate climate change activities and measures into their work with low qualified young people. They will learn how to motivate them to become active and to take their societal … Read more

Result 2: Methodological Collection

Methodological Collection Based on the findings and conclusions of the Research Report, the project consortium developed collection of activities and measures for raising the motivation and awareness of low qualified young people regarding climate change. The collection can be used and implemented by VET professionals who support the target group. During this project step, one … Read more

Result 1: Research Report

Project Result 1: Research Report Gathering relevant national information about the target group – low qualified young people – and the professionals who work with them, is necessary for providing tailor-made further results. The Research Report helps the project consortium to understand the perspective, needs and awareness of low qualified young people concerning topics such … Read more