Multiplier Event in Vicenza

Multiplier Event in Vicenza!

We had the chance to discuss with teachers, trainers and educators the topics and outcomes of the #me#us#now Erasmus+ project.
Its four main results were presented:
R1- Research report
R2- Methodological collection
R3- Action plan for eco-pro's
R4- Green merge networking platform

And then, it was decided to try out one practical me-us-now activity on climate change with the participants.

“Alternatives to plastic” was developed together with teachers, very successfully. They all actively participated in it, had fun and learnt from each other, discovering alternatives to household plastic objects that they did not know before.

After this playful moment, the event ended with a final discussion and a Q&A session in plenary.

It's about #me, it's about #us, and it must be #now!