Result 1: Research Report

Research Report

Gathering relevant national information about the target group - low qualified young people - and the professionals who work with them, is necessary for providing tailor-made further results. This helps the project consortium to understand the perspective, needs and awareness of low qualified young people concerning topics such as climate change, sustainability, and their self-efficacy. Additionally, professionals working with the target group in the context of e.g., VET, youth coaching, counselling are also considered.

The project consortium needs to meet low qualified young people in VET and VET professionals alike at their current state, to create a deeper understanding of their situation and perspective. All project partners conduct desktop research concerning existing activities/measures on national levels in the context of climate change and sustainability. The resulting Transnational Research Report serves as an important basis for the following project results. Video summaries are available in all partner languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish).